CHS is recognized as the top Denial Management company in the United States. Regardless of the reason, most claims are rejected as a direct result of employee supervision. At CHS, we have equipped with the best medical billing and coding professionals selected for their field expertise. These professionals continue participating in continuing education programs for employees to master the latest billing and coding guidelines. Insurance companies usually have approved lists of diagnostic procedures or combinations they are willing to pay for. CHS maintains and updates a database of such varieties approved by different insurance companies. Our highly supported coders ensure that the highest paid and approved combination of diagnostic and program codes is used to provide the highest paid and immediate approval. We will Identify and correct the root cause of rejection. Our team will simplify work processes, Reduce costs & help you reduce regulatory risks.

We understand that every rejection case is unique. We correct invalid or incorrect medical codes, provide supporting clinical documents, appeal any denial of prior authorization, and understand any true denials so that the responsibility can be transferred to patients for effective follow-up. Before resubmission, we will re-verify all clinical information. CHS rejection management team has experienced professionals who:

  • Investigate the reason for each rejected claim
  • Find the solution
  • Resubmit the request to the insurance company
  • Lodge an appeal if necessary

Minimize Medical Billing Denials

We identify and correct the root cause of rejection

  • Use effective tracking methodologies
  • Simplify work processes
  • Reduce costs
  • Help reduce regulatory risks
  • Trust our experience
  • Help improve RCM