Rohan Vidyarthi


Rohan has been serving the US Healthcare industry since 2010. He started from scratch to possess knowledge of the various aspects involved in revenue cycle management. He climbed the ladder in the industry purely based on his performance and currently manages the clients and the team ensuring the operations run smoothly. He is always thriving to build better processes and controls to ensure timely deliverables without compromising quality.

Total Experience in the US RCM industry – 13+ years

Manages – 40+ clients

Team – 100+ team members

Kevin Shah

Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin has been on the front line with the international market since 2003. He started his career in the Call Center industry and then switched to IT. Kevin lived in London, UK, for a while, playing an instrumental role in developing business for a UK-based IT company. Since Confiance’s inception, Kevin has led the marketing initiatives to achieve the organizational goals.

Radha Shah


Radha is Confiance’s face for recruitment and is excellent at managing the entire recruitment cycle. She handles end-to-end recruitment, offering new candidates, joining formalities and employee grievances. Celebrating cultural activities and organizing life happening events at Confiance are a few of the many aspects Radha is good at.

Raj Shah


Raj attained his Chartered Accountancy degree in 2006 from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Since then, he has been associated with the outsourcing industry. In his experience thus far, he has worked for several jurisdictions such as USA, UK, AUS, CAN, Middle East Countries and East African regions. He has worked as a virtual CFO for a chain of 65+ sandwich outlets, 50+ auto repair stores, a property management company with 7000+ units, etc. He incorporated Confiance in January 2017 with an endeavour to serve back office services providing qualitative deliverables to businesses based in the US, UK, AUS and CAN.