Our  Services 

We understand the needs in your office. Therefore, we have designed our billing services around those needs.

Our Services

Medical Billing is not just putting the right code in the right box, it begins when the patient makes the appointment and ends with maximum reimbursement!

Electronic Remittance

We post payments utilizing Electronic Remittance and received EOB's. All checks and paper EOB'S will be delivered to your office, however we will ease your burden of payment posting. The Electronic Remittance will be delivered and posted automatically.

On-Demand Billing System

If your office needs scheduling and registration, our team will not only meet those needs, in addition, your patient demographics will be the same for our billing. Your staff can enter the patient information, and immediately, that information will be available to process charges. Imagine! no more double entry and less paperwork!

On-Demand Reports

The fantastic part of our billing model is you have access to your patient information anytime, anywhere. Management customized Reports are available at all times using your Document Management System. Example: You need to know if an insurance is paying on time. Just a few clicks away and you will know who your good paying insurance is and which one is not.

Patient Statements

Patient Statements are mailed monthly. If the patient does not pay after the 90 day statement is due, she will receive another letter which at that time will begin a process of pre-collection & then collections.

Electronic Claim Services

We bill all claims electronically, unless the insurance does not accept this type. The electronic billing has several levels of checking the claim. With each level, we are able to correct a problem before it gets denied at the insurance company, saving valuable time and money. Demographics, zip codes, diagnosis codes and many other data entry checks are done.

A Full-Service, Practice Management Corporation

As an online, full-service, revenue management cycle, we can offer you benefits that you will not receive with many traditional billing services. They are available to all CHS clients. Here is a list of the additional services we currently offer

Patient Eligibility/Benefit Verification

With sufficient prior notification, CHS will verify patient benefits and or eligibility from insurance companies prior to appointment time. We deliver (via secure email or fax) a patient benefit verification sheet with pertinent data to you.

Patient Pre-Authorizations

With sufficient prior notification, CHS can obtain patient pre-authorizations from insurance companies prior to appointment time. We deliver (via secure email or fax) a pre-authorization form with all pertinent data to you.

Online Credit Card Processing

Do you work in an office that offer your patients the capability to pay you by credit card, through your secure portal to receive credit card payments at the time of service for co-pays, deductibles or other outstanding balances, we do include this services of resolving their queries & than making their payment on to your credit card portal.

Insurance Credentialing

At your request, CHS can prepare applications and required paperwork for managed care companies.