If you operate in a modern medical practice today, you undoubtedly have critical things to be concerned about, and at any given time, nevertheless.

Medical billing, coding, and compliance are challenging to keep up with, to say the least, particularly when considering the evolving laws, regulations, and medical documentation requirements.

These overwhelming changes make it difficult to be compliant even for the most acquainted medical practices.

Unfortunately, the inability to have accurate and compliant medical billing and coding processes can result in several negative ramifications for your practice, including loss of revenues.

Now more than ever, it has become expedient to have a professional medical billing company specializing in spine surgery medical billing and coding that can navigate and operate through the complexities of spine surgery medical billing and coding requirements.

Spine Surgery Billing for Healthcare Providers

As with all medical practices, the financial stability of your spine surgery practice is also related to timely and specialized billing to receive the maximum allowable reimbursement for services performed.

However, considering all changes related to CPTs, ICDs, modifiers, multiple procedure bundle rules, and more accurate, experienced, and up-to-date medical billing and coding processes have become a considerable challenge for spine surgical practices.

CHS specialists can provide the cognition and expertise your spine practice needs to ensure the best reimbursement and compliance.

With a combined experience of about two decades of assisting the healthcare industry, our team has a proven track record of improving our clients' revenue.

We offer a wide variety of Spine Surgery Medical Billing and Practice Management Compliance services customized to your practice.

To better support your medical practice, our Consultants manage a complementary medical practice evaluation and comparison to show how your business compares with similar providers, practices, and medical facilities.

The analysis results provide the specifics for coordinating the most efficient and comprehensive strategy for increasing revenue and compliance.

We can improve collections within a short period of time. Our success comes from accurate, timely and professional Spine Surgery Billing processes followed by systematic follow-up and collection activities conducted by dedicated professionals who utilize best-in-class methods to process and accomplish the task of collecting more and faster.

Internal processes are laid out to expedite collections and ensure optimal reimbursement

We have dedicated Spine Surgery A/R managers to follow up with payers and patients.

Each claim is meticulously tracked and followed up by our trained and experienced medical billing staff until the payment is received.

CHS is the comprehensive revenue cycle and compliance resource for your spine surgery practice. Our billing, coding, and compliance consultants are professionally trained and specialized in maximizing spine surgery revenues while achieving and maintaining compliance.